Sunday, 31 January 2016

Whisky & Flees

No fishing this weekend due to a culmination of things around the house needing done but primarily due to the fact that the Sloe Whisky was ready.
3 months of torment for me as the whisky & sloes done there stuff in the Kilner Jar with me adding the odd weekly shake to infuse them. Out of the several litres I have made this year I bottled the first litre yesterday.

It didn't stay this amount for long as my taste buds were itching to find out what this years blend was going to be like and I have to report back that its as good as it was last year, so good that last night two of these bottles were sampled and emptied.

After a few household chores today I had the afternoon to sit & chill and tie a few patterns up whilst sampling the remaining bottle.

Couple of beaded purple & partridge nymphs.

a couple of simple coloured grubs.

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