Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Flees for the troot

With my eye closely on the weather for this weekend Im hoping to get back out onto the river for one final fling at the Grayling before I leave them in peace and  I hang up the rods for a couple of weeks awaiting the start of the brown trout season.
With that in mind I started restocking the dry fly box in preparation with a couple of Klinks, a fly I enjoy fishing but am not too keen on tying but they do say that practice makes perfect.....I'll keep practicing!

Purple Klinks

Brown Klinks

And a few olives to start the season off with.

The weighted nymphs box for Finland is almost complete...thankfully,enough tungsten to sink a battleship in the box!

Black & Purple.


  1. Hello George

    There's nowt wrong with those Klinkhammers. They look perfectly fishy.

    I've recently started tying them myself and it is a case of practice makes perfect. Getting the right size of hackle seems to be my undoing at the moment.

    I'm hoping to get out on Saturday on the lower river as the levels look like they've dropped sufficiently. It's been over two months now so fingers crossed.



    1. Hi Dave,
      Am not too bad at present for the Klinks due to having to tie them on size 12s so the larger size allowed me to iron out any mistakes, seems nothing smaller than 12s in Finland, so Im told by my guide! Im hoping to get out on my local river on Sunday for a final fling at the Grayling as they tend to spawn a bit earlier on that river so one last cast before i leave them in peace, hope you get out mate, tight lines George


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