Friday, 13 May 2016

A Quick Hour

Last night I grabbed the opportunity for a quick hour's fishing up the Dale, I was hoping there might be a hatch on the river so quickly threw my gear in the car with just a box of dries.

I arrived to find the river crystal clear & very low and 2 new guests on this particular stretch.

Always nice to see the swans on the river.

I sat and observed for a few moments and saw a single fish rise, so covering the fish I quickly got a reaction and missed....

I moved downstream to where I was hoping the see a rise but alas looking back upstream nothing moved.

As I continued downstream I came across a couple of rising fish in a big back eddy so after a bit of maneuvering I was able to cast to the first one drag free and instantly got a response, and I never missed this time.

A small brown trout which I very much suspect is part of this years stocking of this particular stretch.

That was number one captured now my attentions turned to the second fish which was still rising not 5ft from me and like the first took the fly on the first pass over.

And like the first another stock fish of similar size and stature.

As I turned to head for home I was greeted with an evening sky just setting over the Dale.

An hour and 30 mins from start to finish but just enough to keep the fishing demons at bay until the weekend.

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