Friday, 6 May 2016

Finally the float side of the Flee & Float

I've finally been able to sit down for 5 minutes and update the blog, Its just been one of those weeks at work and when I've got home, had something to eat and a shower, mong mode kicked in and I couldn't be bothered.

At the beginning of the week I put the final touches on a set of floats I was asked if I could make by a family member, how could I refuse, the Balsa, lathe, etc had all been gathering dust since last year as I've been concentrating on my couple of students that I've been teaching online to make floats via email & Skype so it was a nice change to finally do some myself and lets the students see that I've still got what it takes to produce good floats after a several months of not doing any.....well I hope I have.

Turned down from Balsa dowels of varying size I produced a couple of Trotting floats with 4 bobber style floats.

Not only do I like to get the best from the shape, the painting is key but the thing I try to get the best results on is the whipping, there is nothing more unsightly on a float than gaping gaps in the whipping, I see a lot of floats where people dont pay attention to this detail and in my eyes it spoils the overall creation.

And a couple of flies tied last weekend just to keep everything in a neutral balance at the flee & float.
If your out fishing this weekend then tight lines, I plan to be out somewhere up the Dales as normal.


  1. Where do you source your cork for your floats

    1. Black swan pub, bedale, British legion, thirsk....lol, you did ask, champagne corks :)


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