Thursday, 23 June 2016

Grabbed a Quickie

Left work and the car got pointed in the direction of the river for a quick session before hunger pains got the better of me last night proved worthy. I arrived to find the river at a good level however very coloured. 

It didn't seem to put the fish off as a few were rising so trying out a smaller version of a few flies I've tied up for the Finland trip I wanted to see if one would work, it didn't take long to capture the first small wild trout which supped it down almost as the fly hit the water.

The next couple of fish didn't take the fly as confidently and through one thing and another I lost 4 fish in quick succession but this one took a definite liking and came head and tail out to take the fly.

All in all a nice couple of hours with plenty to see from the kingfishers up and down the river to the wild flowers along the edge. Certainly better than heading home straight away to watch more of the EU debate thats almost constantly on TV, I posted my vote almost 2 weeks ago!

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