Saturday, 6 August 2016

Back Bending Some Cane

I can finally get 5 minutes to sit down and catch up with the blog, its almost 2300hrs, I cant sleep so might as well be productive and get the blog updated with the report from Friday.

After work on Friday I decided I needed to get the rod out and have some me time, it had been a busy week and non stop at work so I needed to unwind & relax and no better way than taking the rod for a walk.
First outing on the water since Finland and I was desperate to get back to the slower action of the Cane rod so headed up the Dale in search of some late trout.

The river was very dirty, I suspect from the sediment of the landslide further up the Dale and the river was dropping after a recent flash flood so hopes of any real fish action were slim.

It was around 40 minutes of fishing when I managed to land a small trout, and that was a struggle as nothing was moving at all in the dirty water.

I was joyful that I had managed to catch as I expected I would only be taking the rod for a walk so it was a bonus to get the fish, not big but 100% wild.

Along the way I managed to grab some closeup shots of the nature along the riverbank.

Wild flowers drooped over the rock face.

A mushroom in the undergrowth I almost destroyed with my size 10.

Along the way I popped over to where I harvest some sloe berries at the end of September for the sloe whisky I make so I wanted to see how they were going and was quite pleased to see the bushes heavy with unripe berries, it should be a good harvest this year.

I decided to drop down to the pool below the waterfalls and if nothing was happening then I would call it a night.

First cast over with the spiders and felt the tug of a fish, and this little chap came to the net.

Next cast over another tug and this fellow followed.

I was impressed that in the matter of two casts from one pool two fish had emerged and nothing from all the rest of the river in the hour leading up to the pool apart from one small trout.

A couple of casts over again and another fish on the spiders, this one had a bit more weight & size to it and was happy to finally see the net slip under it after the cracking fight it gave.

I let the pool rest for 20 minutes or so to see if it would produce anymore fish and whilst sitting against the rock I seen another angler appear further up the river on the opposite bank, I sat and watched as he made his way down and then when he was within chatting distance, asked how he was getting on, he was just starting for the evening and hoping to capture some trout in the gloaming, we got chatting across the water and he said he was fishing up through past the car park and beyond.

I informed him that the water above the bridge didn't below to our club where his answer then blew me out the water, he said the said club owned all the water from the falls up past the bridge......!!!

I think not mate so questioned him further and found out he didn't even belong to our club so was in effect trespassing on private water.

I could understand if it was close to the boundary with his club water but almost a mile downstream and the fact he had passed none other that 5 club signs on route, Cant get any clearer than that!

Seems someone doesn't read his club book for boundaries of club waters. He left in a timely fashion soon afterwards!

I went back over the pool but nothing was moving so decided to head back upstream to the car.

I walk by this old style every time I pass down this way and think of the people who used it over the bygone years, its no longer on the beaten track and probably hasn't been used in quite a few years tucked away under the tree canopy. A nice way to pass a Friday evening and recharge the batteries.

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