Thursday, 1 September 2016

Grab the opportunity

With more rain forecast tomorrow night I wanted to get my fishing fix in just in case the rivers rose making another weekend unfishable so headed straight from work up the Dale.
I arrived around 1800hrs and made my way down to the river, whilst setting up I opened my hinged dry fly box to have 2 newly tied klinks disappear into the undergrowth never to be seen again, good start I thought to myself only to have the roman moser micro braided loop come apart from my fly line as I was adding floatant, needless to say I opted for the rough and ready fix, simply tie the fly line to my braided leader as I didn't want to mince around any longer.

First cast seen me catch the smallest trout in the river, not that I was complaining.

Then within 5 minutes of fishing the rain started! It certainly comes in threes, thats for sure, first the lost flies, then the braided loop and now the rain.
I made my way downstream and thankfully the Grayling were obliging.

I have to admit nothing better than taking Grayling on small dry flies.

And the sunset over the river was as always simply beautiful

And one last Grayling just before I jumped back in the car just an hour and a half after I started, you certainly cant beat the hour or so opportunities that you need to grab just to get away from it all after a hard day at work, and all on dry fly too...... Brilliant.


  1. George, nice outing.
    When I show photos of my stream fishing to the wife, I can only show the little trout for that's what she enjoys. Compact beauty.

    1. Id rather have one or two small beautiful fish than one large one if I were to be truthfully honest.


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