Sunday, 30 October 2016

A Challenge!

What can I say, since returning from our holidays we have had nothing but bad news, Went to work last Monday to be lead into the company directors office and told that unfortunately due to a merger and a loss of a couple of contracts my post was to be abolished and I was to be made redundant.....

Needless to say it wasnt a great week at work having to close everything down and finish on Friday, I know something else will come along as Im not one for sitting around too long, even if its packing shelves at Tesco, it beats sitting in the house, but I draw the line at working in McDonald's!...lol

My scunnered look, for the none Scottish reader's, I will let you work out what scunnered means by yourself...

When I got up I couldn't be bothered going anywhere far so went to a stretch where I know there isn't too many Grayling as I wanted a challenge to take my mind off things and it was certainly that.

Got onto the river just after 9am and it was in fine fettle, even a couple of Salmon playing just at the top of the runs in the picture, thrashing around, I wasnt the only fisherman on the river today as I was walking to the bank a heron took off and headed downstream.

I sat pondering what approach and although there was a few olives still hatching off, nothing was moving for them so the decision to put on a team of nymphs was made.

It took about an hour to connect with the first fish, a feisty trout which was in mint condition with a lovely butter belly and as always it was slipped back to fight another day. I inched a few steps more to be able to cover a run close to the far bank and the indicator went tight on the first run through, I had found a Grayling.

Nothing of any size but I felt like I had achieved something as this stretch of water isn't renowned for them so I was pleased.

As I walked upstream to the top of the runs, I noticed even although all the leaves are falling off the trees and things are starting to die off the amount of small wild flowers still in bloom along the rivers edge.

Forget me not still out in force.

Concentrating on the slacker water on the far side it wasnt too long before the indicator went tight again and I thought I had hooked another trout to start in the way the fish darted off  but no it turned out to be another Grayling, which was great to see.

Nothing else came from the runs so after a short time I headed upstream in search of some more fish.

I arrived at a point where within seconds the locals were gathering around for an audience.

They pretty much stayed there for the full time I fished the set of runs taking a further two small trout, which kept the interest going however I needed a brew so I had carefully placed the trusty kettle at a point only a short distance away so I stopped fishing and retrieved it and set about having a coffee.

It was just nice to sit with a pipping hot cup of coffee watching the world go by and have a few moments reflection time watching the kingfisher dart up the river and a small wren jumping from branch to branch in the willows beside me.

After almost an hour of sitting contemplating things in my head, I decided to give the nymphs a last swim before heading home.

I stepped back into the runs where my audience were still milling around and almost immediately hooked up, I never saw the fish as it went storming off in a fast run upstream and the line went slack, it had slipped the hook. After a few moments where the air turned blue, I realised it was either a trout or a salmon the way it had went like a rocket so wasnt too bothered about it.

Shortly after the indicator went tight and the unmistakable sight of a silver flank of a Grayling could be seen hanging from the dropper nymph.

Wondering if there was more Grayling to be had I returned to the same spot but nothing so a few short steps upstream and another trout graced the net. I decided that was it for the day, I would fish back to the spot where I had left the kettle and call it a day,

As I halfheartedly cast the nymphs as I made a few steps downstream the indicator slipped away to the side so I tightened and sure enough another fish on and it was a Grayling.

so that was it the trek back up the hill to the car & home, I felt challenged right enough and somewhat satisfied that I had actually managed to get a few Grayling.

Anyway life goes on and I've got two interviews this week, so have to get the demob suit out get it sorted, and the wife keeps telling me not too worry so who am I to argue, you never know even might have time to make a few floats!


  1. sorry about the job loss, and I think putting groceries on the shelves to be just fine as a time filler.
    And then there's always fishing.

    1. Thanks Alan,
      Im a very pro active person so I know I will get something even if its purely a time filling job till something better comes along, I dont mind that at all, Yep got to agree with you, got most of my clearing out & some chores I've been putting off for months finally done and am planning a midweek day on the river, keeps the soul happy :)


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