Saturday, 3 December 2016

Floats or Fox & Hair?

The last couple of nights I've been thinking about digging out the float making gear which hasn't seen the light of day for quite a few months now but like always I get side tracked with other things which arent as intensive and time consuming and to be honest this year Im enjoying still fishing with the fly rod so got side tracked again and the float making stuff stays firmly put away.

A couple of assorted fox squirrel scruffy nymphs.

A couple of pink tagged scruffy nymphs

And finally a couple of hare's lug with partridge.

I was helping the wife out this morning with some shopping as she was out buying a few Xmas decorations for a charity which helps vulnerable people that she supports and we ended up in Poundland & I came across a few items which if bought in a tackle shop I wouldn't see any change from a tenner thats for sure.

a couple of zingers with pens attached, seen here in black, I managed only to find the red ones so  now pens are detached and the clips and zingers will be put to good for the fishing with nippers etc.

I mentioned it to a friend and he also informed me that the bulbous part of the pen is made from EVA foam and ideal for making foam beetles from, a pound well spent. Also bought a couple of double sided plastic boxes ideal for storing fly tying thread, beads etc

Managed to finally find a couple of darning needles which fitted the core of this 20lbs braided backing I had so a few spliced nymphing indicators were born this afternoon also.


  1. George, great looking flies.
    A couple questions....what are the beads, and what are the hooks?

  2. thanks Alan, the hooks are both size 18 & size 16 hends jig hooks BL154, the copper coloured beads are tungsten small slotted 3mm and the coloured ones are normal painted tungsten 3.5mm


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