Wednesday, 21 December 2016

My Year

Well its that time of year again, where the big fella in the red suit squeezes down the chimney and I think about how lucky I have been, as only 6 years ago at this time I was lying in a bed hooked up to a heart & lung monitor fighting for my life in my local hospital after a freak accident, I cant believe how fast the time flies and can thankfully say Im 100% fit again thanks to all the Doctors & Nurses from the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton & not forgetting my wife Karen.

Looking back at this year I can honestly say its one I wont forget in a while with my bucket list trip to Graylingland and other magical moments on the river, here is a few photos which brings back memories for me of 2016.

January saw it absolutely freezing and this picture of the snow laden tree stood out for me.

A winter grayling, nothing nicer than fishing on a crisp cold morning.

The snow has gone but still a delight to catch these wonderful creatures.

new life on the river

& beautiful brown trout whilst the gorgeous grayling spawn

but the arctic grayling of Finnish Lapland keep me going.

A trip I will never forget with arctic grayling and whitefish caught for the very first time.

 A few new sights & places in the world visited accompanied by my wife & best friend Karen.... China, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong & Singapore and then back to shorter days and longer nights in the Dales

& catching up with old friends for fun

just as the year ends, reliving the summer trip all over again after my article was given 8 pages in the Grayling Society winter magazine.

so thats my fond memories for 2016, am sure everyone has there own so all thats left for me now is to say to all my blog readers new & old from all over the world have a Very Merry Christmas and I hope Santa fills your waders.

Slainte  mhath


  1. Great read as usual, Happy Christmas and New Year, all the best for 2017 and tighter lines. Hope to see you on the bank side in 2017

    1. Cheers Neil am sure our paths will cross at some point on the bank, or if you fancy a change of water give us a shout.

  2. Beautiful images.
    George life is wonderful, and that second chance at it must be really lived.

    1. Thanks Alan,
      I fully agree, life is too short and since then I enjoy every day :)

  3. Hello George

    Thanks for taking the time to publish your ramblings and lovely photos. Have a lovely Christmas and fish packed new year.



    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks for continuing to read them, its easy for me just to ramble on...lol, but at times unsure if people actually bother to read, I hope we can meet up for a fish in the new year. all the very best to you & your family for christmas & new year.
      best regards


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