Saturday, 7 January 2017

First of 2017

I hope everyone has now recovered from the festivities of Christmas & New Year, and got the chance to get out or at the very least get some floats or flies tied.

I haven't had the pleasure of getting out this year yet but my hands have not been idle with the first flee's & floats being finished and ready to go.

Before I know it I will be out fishing upstream spiders in search of the trout so what better way to start off the year but with a couple of spiders coming off the vice.

With nobody in mind for the floats I designed them in my personal style, they may see water they may not as the trotting rods have still not seen the light of day this Grayling season yet, as I like to trot when the weather gets really cold but up till now that hasn't happened with another mild winter where I have still been able to advance my nymphing tactics.

I have since coming back from Graylingland with a pouch full of wing quills from a swan I found dead on the river in Lapland been meaning to turn them into something worth while so over the holidays decided to turn a few into swan quill floats.

Every time I look at these they will remind me of the great times I had whilst up there.

And I hope that they do justice to such a beautiful bird, after its death.


  1. Lovely work with the floats and flies.
    What's the thread used on the body of the soft-hackle?

    1. Thanks Alan, just wait till you see the ones Im currently tying....The thread on these spiders was olive dun uni thread 8/0.


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