Sunday, 15 January 2017

Rising....River that is.

Looking at the weather forecast upstream of where I wanted to get out fishing didn't look good with heavy rain forecast from early morning through to lunchtime so it was only a matter of time before the river would dirty over and start rising so making the most of it I was on the river for just before 9am, light rain on & off & low grey cloud making it a dour day, but at least I was out on the river.

The river was even lower than last week and crystal clear so I knew it would be hard going. A couple of heron's lifted off from the area  where I wanted to start so that was not a good omen knowing that they had been patrolling the stretch.

It didn't take long till the first fish came to the hand, nothing big but very welcome. The average size of fish I have been taking from this stretch all year.

a couple more casts and another couple followed.

with nothing more coming from the area I moved upstream in search of more fish, the rain had started now and it was coming down heavy so it was a case of get behind the trunk of a tree the best I could and wait it out, it didn't take too long to ease and I ventured on up the river but nothing was moving apart from a lone kingfisher darting up & down the river. 

Another small Grayling came from a deep fast run and I managed to drop another 2 of them so the fish were around, then a slightly better fish made an appearance

A quick coffee and as I sat drinking it I seen the river change colour from clear to a dirty brown, the river was rising with the amount of rain that fell during the night and this was it reaching me, it was just before 11am so a couple of hours fishing was certainly better than none.

A couple more casts in the dirty rising water produced another Grayling before I finally decided to head home for lunch, a worthwhile couple of hours out on the river all be it brief.


  1. George, a pretty fair day I'd say.
    The sound of a kingfisher is one I love. I enjoy their hunting skills too.

    1. An enjoyable couple of hours Alan for sure, a bird I never tire of seeing darting up & down the river.


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