Friday, 17 February 2017

Jinglers all the Way

Not being a fly angler who takes masses of fly boxes onto the river each time I go out I tend only to take what I think I need to match the hatch for that particular time of year but I always take a few flies I trust each year to get a few fish and one of these patterns has to be the Jingler. 
It has taken for me in the past many a nice fish, a few variations which I tie each year and always work well for me.
With the Trout season fast approaching I decided to make a start on a few of the Jingler patterns I like to have in the box.

 Crimson body Jingler

  Tan body Jingler

Olive body Jingler

Wont be long till one of these are tied onto the tippet and casting upstream to a rising trout.  


  1. George wonderful flies. I've tied the crimson one, actually using brown thread. I also tied the tan one. They both work well..guess I'll have to try the olive one.

    1. Cheers Alan, I love experimenting and after being shown the original Jingler I started to diverse and these are the ones that work best for me where I fish, no doubt they will work elsewhere too. Tight lines mate.


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