Sunday, 9 July 2017


It was my turn to host my good mate Martin after our last outing where he hosted me with some urban fly fishing so after a discussion online I learned he had never fished a small river in the Dales that I have frequented a few times in the past so that was it the venue was set, all we needed now was the levels to be good to us. In preparation I had tied a few spiders to search the pocket water with if required.

We arrived just before 0830hrs and peered into the water, it was a bit on the low side but still very much fishable so that was decided we were going for it, so after setting up I duly played the host and allowed Martin to fish upstream first and I would follow on a few moments later.

Almost immediately Martin was into small Trout & Par in the fast pocket water, something this small river is renowned for so he was off the mark.

It didn't take me long following him upstream to get the first fish to hand a small salmon par.

Used for the first time this year my memorial cane rod which was commissioned  to commemorate my parents, a day after what would have been my mothers 83rd Birthday.
Gone but never forgotten.

Martin was occupied in a long pool with rising fish all around him, so leapfrogging him I moved upstream to a deep run I knew where there often lay a decent fish or two.  Making my way down through the thick undergrowth I came out level with the spot I wanted to get to so I sat & observed for a few moments and saw a fish rising at the tail of the run.

With a quick sharp flick I had my dry sitting exactly where I wanted it and almost immediately a nice Grayling came to the fly, I struck and missed! I could have kicked myself as I seen the fish come out the depths to intercept the fly. Casting back under the overhanging branches I tried again, hoping the Grayling might come back for another go but this time my fly was intercepted by a decent Trout.

By the looks of things not a wild fish as I had been expecting and I know this particular river isn't stocked so it must have made its way upstream at some point in the past.

Soon afterwards Martin followed me up through the run and connected with a fish but alas he released it at range.

The small fish were plentiful and we were both taking them from nearly every bit of moving water there was. Nothing of any size but great sport & stunning wild fish.

The kingfisher was darting up and down the river and the oyster catchers were creating a racket over our heads, it was lovely to be back on the small river and catching.

After a bite to eat we continued upstream and I managed to pull a couple of slightly larger residents from their hiding holes.

Martin & Myself taking it in turn to fish the deeper pools we came across.

We had got about halfway up the river and Martin had a bit of a set too with a rock and his boot sole became detached at the front, so he was flopping upstream, a bit of a heath robinson repair with a few elastic bands until we hoped we would find some bailing twine or something hanging on a fence, but it kept him on the move, all be it a bit slower.

Looking upstream and the wild flowers on the banks was quite beautiful and finding more mimulus again but still not as unique as the multicoloured ones I found on one particular dales river.

with the Bees taking full advantage of the sun and wild thistles.

Another pool and more small trout for us both followed by a slightly better one hard against a rock face on the opposite bank.

we didn't get much further before Martin's botch it & scarper  boot fix finally gave out , so not seeing any string I graciously surrendered my camera lanyard made from para-cord I have my camera attached to my waistcoat with.

May as well keep cool whilst carrying out the repair work.

Plenty more small fish ensued before a glance at out watches & it was almost 4pm, time to head back downstream and if we were lucky a few more fish on route.

Walking back down through the darkened wood I came across a couple of different fungus's attaching themselves to rotting trees in the dimple light.

A few more fish came to our hands before we ended back at the car and decided to visit the local ale establishment for a well earned light refreshment and recalling our day on the small river before heading home both very contented and another excellent day came to an end.

Good friends great fishing and lovely scenery, what else could a man want! Until the next time mate be safe ......and get your boots fixed....lol

On another note, its been 7 months since I last though of float-making but with a friends birthday coming up soon in Montana I decided a couple of pressies were deserved after the few things he has done for me in the past, so tomorrow these three trotting floats and  three handmade furled leaders I have made in matching colours will be posted across the pond to him.


  1. Love the spiders.
    And those wee browns hold a special place in my heart.
    Well done gents.

    1. Thanks Alan, Great day out and a nice change from the larger rivers I normally fish. regards George

  2. Always nice to see wild trout! Well done

    1. thanks Mark always nice to hear from you.


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