Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Small Window of Opportunity

With not getting out at the weekend on my weekly fishing trip due to house improvements and high river levels I was hoping to grab a few hours after work between storms.

A new storm front was coming in over the Dales today so the water levels would be back up for the remainder of the week so last night was my only chance to grab an hour or two and although a bit high I took the chance.

Getting onto the river just after 7.30pm I set about heading to my most hopeful place for a fish or two.

The river was still up and running with a lot of colour, and as you can see from the picture today's rain have sent it shooting way back up the graph.

Adopting a nymph set up I made my way down the pool and had the first fish on about halfway down but alas it didn't want to see my net and after a few minutes slipped the hook, a few minutes later and I was rewarded for my efforts with a 2nd fish and although a stockie it was a welcome sight as it slipped over the net.

The tail end of the pool seen another fish take my point nymph and another stockie slipped over the net.

Not really bothering with venturing farther downstream I decided to head back to the top of the pool and give it another fish. This time right at the head of the pool in the fast water I hooked a small wild trout which didn't want to pose for the camera as I lifted it from the net to take a picture it slipped my hand and disappeared back into the peaty coloured water.

Almost at the tail of the pool another fish took the nymph but again slipped the barbless hook in the pursuing fight.
I wasnt complaining it had turned out to be a nice relax & unwind and was just good to be back on the river if only for an hour or two.

I was rewarded with another fish before I decided to have a walk downstream on route back to the car.

With no other fish coming to the net and the dark setting in I headed back to the car and as I was walking up the hill to the road a few heads were poking over the horizon and making a noise.

No prizes if you spot their heads just poking over the horizon. an enjoyable couple of hours with a couple of fish which kept the fishing interesting.


  1. Hello George

    Nice write up as usual. Those trout are very silver looking without any red spots and resemble salmon more than brownies. Was it a trick of the light?



    1. Hi Dave,
      No trick mate they are almost silver like in appearance, I know from past experience that the stocked fish the club buy for this particular stretch every year are good quality fish, I was impressed myself at the condition of a few of them even with spots heavy on the tail fin. Im not a stockie basher by any means but these were all very nice conditioned hard fighting fish.
      cheers George


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