Sunday 12 August 2018

Sneaking Away

With the building work finally finished on our home its deep clean time as the whole house is covered in a fine layer of dust, as always happens, no matter what measures you take to try & stop it.
With us both working full time we are slowly working our way through the house one room at a time over the weekends and yesterday was the turn of the living room which thankfully didn't take as long as we had expected so with karen my wife putting the last feminine touches to the way she wanted things, I sneaked out for an hour or so onto the river out of her way.

Driving up the Dale the farmers are all busy getting the hay cut & bailed.

The view across the Vale of Mowbray in the direction of  Teesside was clear for many miles.

I only walked up to the first pool and sat for 10 minutes observing to see if anything was rising, I seen quite a few par moving before I saw a more substantial rise so casting my dry fly over it on the 2nd cast up it popped and took it.

A beautiful coloured Brown Trout slipped over the side of the net, taken on a pheasant tail klinkhammer that I tied up some time ago and have had some good results with over the last few outings when nothing definitive has been hatching.

The brown pheasant tail klinkhammer
I sat beside the pool for a further 20 minutes or so and nothing else rose in that time apart from the odd Par, so I started to walk back towards the car down the river which was now really on its bare bones, observing all the fish holding areas and contours of the river which normally you wouldn't get to see, a good mental map of when the rivers get some water again.

Some fungi on a willow tree by the side of the river.

I found a deeper piece of water close to the far bank with a bit of an overhang of bank vegetation which looked really fishy so a few casts later I wasnt surprised when a trout rose from the depths and sucked down my dry fly. A fish of around a 1.5lbs which did not take too kindly to it picture being taken as all the photos were water marked hence no photographs.

With nothing further happening I made my way home in time for Tea and a chance to chill in our now clean living room with my feet up and watching a film, the film...a river runs through it.


  1. Roseberry Topping in the distance. My cousin farmed from the last farm on the path to the summit, good to see it. The field in front of the house is covered in those great big one-ton straw bales, seven on a huge trailer!

    Lovely trout and really smart flies too. It's raining steadily here, at last. Regards, John

    1. It most certainly is Roseberry Topping away in the distance, walked up there a few times, well I say walked, it used to be one of the PT routes from time to time when in the forces. Heavy rain here too John, finally.

    2. Went to boarding school just under the shadow of Roseberry Topping . We had a lovely cross country run course,,,

  2. One of my pleasures on a Sunday or Monday evening reading you blogs, often with dram.

    I had a walk for the village bridge looking at the state of the beck and walked down to Swale. Its had to believe any Seatrout can get up due silt, the beck was once a fine Grayling beck for Trotting and the dry fly. Sadly no more.

    1. Cheers Neil, The beck is currently looking in a sorry state, I had a walk down on sunday night in town, a good flood is what is needed as a lot of debris is just lying but that will soon disappear when we get some good water again, counted over 60 sea trout last year in an hour so they are still coming up.

  3. Well done.
    Highly visible Klinks.

    1. thanks Alan, the brown pheasant been doing the business of late when nothing moving at all.


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