Monday, 23 May 2022

Back in the Water

 Having spent the weekend getting things around the house & garden done then, taking the wife shopping yesterday to the Metro centre, today I had some Me time & that only meant one thing.....Fishing!

I did not want to be chucking nymphs around as I think this is what has added to my reluctance to get back to the fishing, nymphing just bores me dearly, so today it was all in for Dry fly fishing, hatch or not that was my chosen method.

Ready for the off.

I sat in a sheltered part of the river as there was a downstream wind blowing and waited to see if I could see any hatches and about 20 minutes into the waiting & watching I seen the first signs of a hatch, very sporadic & not much to talk about but fish were moving.

1st of the day, & they can only get bigger..I hoped!

There was a lot of small Grayling moving in the faster water, it was obvious they were Grayling by their smutting the surface & before long they started to interfere with the dry fly.

All in pristine condition but this wasnt what I was after so I headed away from them heading upstream to see what I could find.

 Making my way upstream it was evident that the river needed a good flush as there was weed all over the bottom of the river making the footing slightly hap hazard but I seen a decent fish rising at the top of a run, so getting low tot he water I sneaked up to within casting distance and after a couple of runs through it sipped the dry fly down.

Fish On, a nice brown trout

I sat for an hour scanning the stream to see if I could see any further fish moving and just as I was about to head home I seen a fish rising below me at the very bottom of a long flat, so waded down to I was just below him and started casting to him, the wind making things slightly difficult but after a short time, nailed the presentation and he took the fly on that pass.

A couple of lovely tout & a few hours back on the water with the dry flies, it was great to see the Oyster-catchers on the shingle banks & even got to glimpse 3 white egret flying downstream which was unusual as I only normally see one in this particular area. 

The hatch was very sporadic but did see a few yellow sallies and a couple of Mayflies hatching but nothing in any numbers.

A nice few hours back in the water

Saturday, 21 May 2022

Striding Out

 Managed to sneak away & get a night out where I could just switch off & forget everything, so headed to the far reaches of the Dales to a place I haven't visited before, after crossing over into Cumbria to park the car I walked back across the county lines and up into the hills.

On the way up I came across this sea of yellow, the gorse bushes in full bloom.

The view up Dukerdale 

I hadn't seen a soul for the full duration of the walk until  something caught my eye high above.

Surfing the thermals.

Couple of hours walking and my destination came into eye shot, 9 Standard Rigg.

9 stone cairns some over 10ft high sitting up on the fells at a height of 2,172ft, dating some 800 years but recently been refurbished.

Looking back on the cairns from the marker which was erected for the weeding of Charles & Diane by the Kirby Stephen Rescue team.

The top of the marker cairn showing what you can see all around with heights & names of the far & near places on the horizon.

Sunset, full moon & chilling cant get any better.

The walk back out next morning heading back across into Cumbria to collect the car

All I can say is they have some funny looking sheep in Cumbria.

Monday, 9 May 2022

Still Kicking

 Beyond popular belief the blog hasn't gone & Im not dead!....well not yet anyway.☺☺☺

I have been so busy at work, that I have only grabbed the odd night away to decompress as it seems not the majority of people want to earn a wage these days, they would prefer to stay at home & live on benefits!

Anyway enough whining, like I say Ive not done any fishing at all since my last fishing post on here, 18th January but I have renewed my license & ticket, even though Ive not had a chance to use it yet.

The days I have been able to get away for a walk to decompress has generally found me back at work the following morning albeit slightly a later start but I do enough overtime in the evenings to counterbalance that, I dream of getting back to my 4 day weeks again.

A few photographs from the days Ive got out. I hope everyone is well in the land of Blogger.

A night out in the Dales not so long ago decompressing & taking in a waterfall or two.


One of the wild ponies I encountered on a walk

As I said not many things to write about, hopefully that will change sooner rather than later or you will be reading in the papers of how Ive disappeared with a rucksack on my back & a fishing rod in my hand to live life as a hermit in the north of Scotland.

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

All season's in one day...thats North Yorkshire

 With the main roads in Wensleydale flooded out on Saturday & the rivers totally unfishable, I decided to get out onto the moors again so set off with bright blue skies & the golden ball poking through, but it didn't last for long.

1st port of call on my 9 mile route was Disher Force & as expected pushing through some water.

The old lead mine water pump still in situ after all these years.

View from the bottom

As I said the good weather didn't last for long as the 1st storm started to roll in over the top of Wensleydale.

Upwards and away to try & gain some distance before it reached me & the safety of a shooting hut I knew.

getting inside & out the impending storm was my priority & sat in there for almost an hour as it pushed down the Dale.

I hadn't gone a mile before I seen the next weather front move in and it was a few miles to my next shelter, do I go forward or go back, what the hell forward, never retreat.

It was a long walk....I use that term loosely, more of a head down and look at my feet as I was being pounded with 55mph winds and driving hail, my face was in tatters every time I looked up. The next safe heaven away in the distance.. It was great to get out of the wind & finally into some shelter.....

Little did I know the last leg back to the car was going to be the worst, Snow and high winds dont make for a good time walking up on the moors....

I was so glad to get out the wind behind this stone wall as the wind with bitter cold 

Even the locals were taking a fancy to me 

Little did I know that less than 2 kms away Swaledale MRT & Yorkshire Air ambulance were trying to get a casualty off the moors.. I hope the casualty makes a full recovery & please support the MRT.

 If you use the Yorkshire Dales for any outbound past time they are an invaluable team which need all the support they can get..remember these guys are all volunteers.

Photographs courtesy Swaledale MRT.

As for me it was great to get back to the safety of the car and sitting in the boot peeling off my wet outer layers watching the snow storm get worse, knowing that in 5 minutes or so I would be on my way home to a warm fire..

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Up on the Moors

Harkerside Moor, Whitaside Moor & East Bolton Moor on Sunday morning for a 9.5 mile loop which saw me take in parts of Swaledale before crossing over the tops & briefly into Wensleydale before doubling back over the top again & into Swaledale.

The view from Harker Hill down onto Reeth.

The shooting hut was a welcome sight and nice to get out the headwind which was biting cold, even if only for 10 minutes or so rest.

well stocked up and ready for the fire to go on instantly if called upon.

A new friend which kept pestering me when I was sitting out the wind further along the route, I named him Larry the Grouse 😄

Further along the route I stumbled across this old kiln with commanding views up swaledale, testament to the guys who built them & worked here after all these years they are still standing.

a lot of controlled burning was taking place up on the moors, but thankfully the smoke heading off in the opposite direction of travel.

Another good few hours out with some mileage under the belt.