Friday, 1 October 2010

Grayling Trotting Set Up

I was asked earlier today by a friend what my preferences were to Trotting for Grayling:

On the left I have 3 fluted balsa on cane at 7bb, 6bb & 5bb respective, for when the water has a bit of pull on it, and mainly used in fast streamy water, on the right is my deep water rigs anything above 5ft in depth and these are 3 crowquill balsa's at 8bb, 7bb & 5bb respective.

The 3 in the middle are my low water floats which weigh 4bb and the small one in the centre is for the streams I fish down here where there is not a lot of depth in some places.

My mainline never changes on my centrepin and that is 6lbs berkley fireline fused crystal at 0.15mm diameter, to this I attach 3ft of 3lbs line which holds the float & terminal tackle.

Hook wise I use drennan super specialist semi barbed size 18 & 16 for maggot & caster and size 14 for small red worm.

A golden rule of thumb I always have stuck to with the Grayling over the years, always use the lightest float you can get away with in the conditions provided for you.

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