Sunday, 28 November 2010

In the Snow

Todays trip was hampered slightly by the extreme weather we are currently having in the North East with temperatures down to -9 last night and another 3 - 4 inches of snow fell during the night but hey thats all good news for a Grayling angler.

Todays fishing was also to try out my newly bought neoprene waders to replace my last set that were leaking from last week, they have now sadly gone to the neoprene wader heaven....cut up for patches and other bits & bobs.
I have to say Im very very impressed with the vision sub zero neoprene waders that I bought during the week, they claim to be designed for maximum warmth and I have to give them 10/10. I wore only a pair of tracksuit bottoms and 1 pair of socks below them and I was toasting even when standing up to my knees in cold water, certainly gets the thumbs up from me and well worth the £132 price tag.
My usual grayling fishing haunt was impossible to get to today due to the roads so I opted for another easily accessible place where I knew there might be a few Grayling and I wasnt to be disappointed.

I managed 8 today, nothing of size but always nice to get out on the river instead of sitting like a couch potato in the warm with your feet up, there will be plenty of days time for that but today was fishing even though around 2.30pm a white out forced me off the water as there was no signs of it letting up, but another successful day all round. A couple of snaps from today.

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