Monday, 29 November 2010

Something from Nothing

Recently a friend set me a challenge should I choose to accept it...How could I refuse, and that was to make something from nothing, basically he told me I had to make a float from a cocktail stick and an old used cork from a wine bottle.......needless to say he didnt realise how I started off making floats but I went along with him anyway.

I cut the cork in 2 and used the better half of it where the corkscrew hadnt done that much damage and put the cocktail stick through and glued it all together before turning it on the lathe to get the body shape. A few scorch marks on the cocktail stick for decrative purposes and some silk thread to give it a bit more rigidity and here is the final result, a small bobber style float which carries 3bb.

The friend who will remain nameless so he is not ashamed....lol, has been sent the float together with the other half of the cork & a single cocktail stick and told now lets see your effort....lol.

Personally I think it was a ploy as he wanted a small float for the Grayling fishing, but it was a bit of fun and shows you can actually make something from nothing.

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