Sunday, 19 December 2010

Trout Trout & More Trout

I had planned to go up for a days Grayling fishing on the Tees with my good friend Gary but he contacted me last night to regretably say he had a bout of Man - flu and wouldnt make it, cant blame him Man -flu is the worst....Get better soon mate.

Anyway with the weather being the way it has been of late I decided that as a change I would fish my club stretch on the Ure as its been a few weeks since I was last there. Not renowned for the Grayling but they are there so I thought I would chance my luck and its closer to home with only being 4 miles from me so less driving should the weather turn for the worse again.

I arrived to find the river very low and gin clear and frozen solid in places.

That didnt deter me and I walked to the top of the stretch where almost immediately on my 1st cast I was connected to a solid fish and what I thought to be a good Grayling turned out to be a trout, which was quickly netted & released back on its way. I moved down the stretch to hit another fish and yes another trout not as big as the 1st but again released and sent on its way, It was over an hour and several runs later that I finally got into the Grayling.

After taking the photograph and getting myself back into the swim to see if there was anymore it took almost 40 minutes of before I got my 2nd Grayling which I would only class as a fingerling so wasnt going to upset the run by taking photographs so stayed put to see if an others would follow which it did 5 minutes later with another small Grayling then nothing so time for another move.
On the final run of the day before heading back to the car I connected with another solid fish and yes it was a trout again so I took a picture of this one as it was in excellent condition so a quick snap & it too was realeased back on its merry way.

All in all a very pleasant day despite the conditions and freezing temperatures.

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