Friday, 29 April 2011

River Tees

Well after having seeing the royal wedding from the moment I got up, I decided after having my lunch that I could take no more so grabbed my gear and headed up onto the Tees for a few hours. On arrival it looked like the whole of the angling club had the same idea! After exchanging small talk with some new members and old acquantances I started off on the bottom runs as it was out the way.
I sat and watched a magnificient hatch of Yellow duns come down the water and the fish were taking them freely off the top. This is the first time Ive seen them out this early in the season so this recent spell of warm weather seems to have brought everything out earlier than usual. I decided to try and match the hatch and came up with a yellow compara dun that a friend had tied up for me. First cast wallop a lovely Grayling of around a pound.

and subsequently 4 other grayling all around the same size followed in the next hour or so. I decided it would be better to move as I didnt want to stay and catch out of season Grayling.On fishing back up towards the masses I struck into this little guy.

I then decided to go and catch up with some banter with some of the lads to finds that I was the only one who had captured a trout all day, even though it was as small as it was. Everyone else had caught grayling so it seems the lady of the stream wasnt invited to todays special event but certainly made her presence felt with the anglers.

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