Saturday, 21 May 2011

River Swale

Was back on the River Swale this afternoon for a few hours and as usual was not disappointed with the results even though the river is very low and gin clear the Trout & Grayling were still rising and taking flies from the surface quite frequently, so the order for the day was Dry Fly again and on my 1st cast hooked and lost a fish.

Couple more casts and a lovely small Brownie was in the net.

Continued fishing on and the fish started getting smaller with another 3 fish all of a couple of ounces is weight

As the afternoon went on the wind started to gain some momentum and the fish turned off just as quickly as they had turned on, Managed one more fish which I thought was a Grayling Smutting and true to form it was.

All in an enjoyable couple of hours.

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