Thursday, 19 May 2011

River Tees Highs & Lows

Today decided to go onto the Tees after looking at the EA waterlevels and seen that the Swale had some water in it overnight so thought it best to fish the Tees which had remained steady. It turned out to be a day of mixed emotions and Highs & Lows.

I started off on the Dry fly and missed a fish on the very first cast, I hoped that was not setting the trend for the day! On moving up the River I connected with a small trout to start so that was it no blank today.

The next couple of casts brought another 4 fish of all the same size as the first. On moving to a more pacey part of the river, I managed to get a Grayling.

The rest of the morning turned out to be total frustration as I missed fish after fish after fish, Most of them were only small fish so no great concerns but also managed to loose a couple of descent trout in the fight also.

After an hour off for some food and a few reflections of what the morning had been like I decided to switch over to Nymphs as the wind had picked up a bit and nothing was moving on the surface. On the first cast with the nymphs I managed a slightly bigger trout than the mornings ones.

I fished back down towards where I started and hooked a fish I could only describe as reel screeming, this fish went like a rocket and had easily took 40ft of line in the first run, I managed to turn it and it headed back up river only to take to the air and when I saw the fish it was a Brown Trout easily in excess of 4lbs and that was the last I saw of it as it hit the water again the fly parted with the trout & it was gone, seconds later my rod parted company with me in sheer frustration (Luckily I never damaged it).

I picked up the rod and continued on but my heart was not really in it anymore especially after I lost a further two trout at the net. On what was going to be my last cast of the day I picked up a consolation trout.

In the end I had to give myself a good talking too and snap myself out of it but I cant stop thinking about the sight of that large Brownie in flight. Maybe One day!

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