Sunday, 30 October 2011

Grayling & Carbon

Firstly I have to apologise to people who follow my adventures, I had to make severe sacrifices today due to an arm injury, I had to use a Carbon rod instead of my trusty Cane rods....I hang my head

Anyway was back on the water this morning and like last week caught a glimpse of the 4 deer feeding further up the field as I rounded the edge of the wood.
The river was carrying an extra 3 - 4ft of water after all yesterdays rain and a real dark peat colour added that leaves were everywhere I didn't have high hopes today. After what seemed an eternity but was probably only about 20 minutes I connected with my first fish.
After wading out for a photograph it took an eternity to get the fish feeding again so decided it would have to be a special fish to wade back out again so only a couple of pictures today, fished on for a few hours connecting & landing 12 other grayling, all small fish and an out of season trout. It went really quiet for a few hours and nothing was moving at all and probably due to the rising river which I hadn't noticed, managed another grayling before finally calling it a day.

whilst I was packing up I caught glimpse of an otter downstream of where I was fishing as he moved from one side of the river to the next surfacing at irregular intervals, nice to see but got me thinking was that just another element of a quiet day on the river?

Next week its the Grayling Society Symposium weekend in Appleby so safe journey to the lads travelling for it and will see you in Appleby

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