Sunday, 27 November 2011

Berkley Nanofil

Bought a 125yds spool of this yesterday and loaded it onto one of my pins, I chose the 4.kg which equates to 8lbs the same Breaking Strain I'm using for Fused Crystal,Set up and started fishing in what I would describe as a heavy but fish able water, I hooked a Small Branch Fish and stood there & watched one of my porcupine & Balsa floats disappear down the river, the first float I've lost in years

I re tackled up and started fishing again, within 2 or 3 minutes I was watching the 2nd Porcupine & Balsa float I had lost in years disappear down the river

This got my alarm bells ringing so I started inspecting the line, & wrapped it around my arm and gave a tug & immediately it snapped on several occasions I did this all resulting in the same thing the line snapping, if I had done this with fused Crystal my arm would ache from the amount of strain.

Berkeley Nanofil Sorry but I will never use again and wont recommend it to anyone as a trotting mainline. Needless to say I packed up & came home and instantly cut it off the pin & replaced it with fused Crystal, £17.99 worse off 2 floats lost but lesson learned...Stick with what you know. Berkley Fused Crystal Everytime

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