Friday, 25 November 2011


Have Finally Finished reading & digesting This timeless Grayling Book which is a must for any serious Grayling Angler, or any angler wanting to increase their knowledge of the fish and how to fish for them.
I waited a few years to get a 1st edition copy from 1968, and now there are 2 that I know of up for sale on ebay, "Typical!" but you dont have to wait that long the book has been re released and the re released copy can either be bought off ebay for £22.45 or direct from Coch-y-Bonddu Fishing Hunting Books.

Old Cover & New Cover
Righyni was an adapt Salmon Angler but a master of the Grayling in his day, this book covers everything from Getting to know the Grayling, through dry, wet & nymph fishing for them to Long trotting & short trotting and a few other chapters in caring for bait, cooking them, everything that worked so well back in 1968 applies the same today.

Righyni draws you in with his writing and makes you want to be there with him and try the things he is writing about.
Contents 10 / 10
Information Value 10/10
Value for Money 10/10

What the modern day publishers say about him
"No previous writer on the subject has shown such complete understanding of the nature and behaviour of this species, nor of the exploitation of modern tackle and methods for its capture."

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