Sunday, 20 November 2011

Grayling in the Mist

After a long week on emergency engineer and no fishing last week because of it, today's trip out was a breath of fresh air and also the first time of using the new centre pin which I had purchased a few weeks ago.
I awoke bright and early in anticipation of today's session on the river and the weather was dry & very misty, so much so the 20 minutes travel time was nearly doubled as the fog was so thick in places.
On arrival at the river the mist was down heavy all along the river, the river was a lot lower than I had anticipated but this didn't deter me and made things more challenging.

It wasn't long till I was into my first fish which I'm glad to say was a Grayling so the new reel was christened with a Grayling

As the morning wore on it became clear that the fish were going to be hard to come by as in almost an hour I never touched another fish that was until I changed tactics and this then turned the whole day around. I'm a great believer in experimenting and trying out new things and constantly working my tackle to try & outwit the fish I'm looking to capture and today was one of those days. I did something with my set-up and after that I never looked back, almost immediately I was into fish.

By lunchtime I had nearly 20 Grayling of various sizes caught and the same amount again lost. After a brew and a bite to eat I went back to the head of the pool & fished it down again and yet again was into fish almost immediately.

By early afternoon I started to see a lot more of the smaller fish appear, Grayling in Miniature and a lovely sight to know that the species are doing well despite the Cormorant & Gosander presence on the river. I was amazed that no trout had made an appearance but I spoke too soon as the next too fish caught after that were both trout.
After these two I hooked into something that can only describe as a rocket, I never got to see the fish but it went and kept going, I suspect it may have been a Salmon as more & more are coming back into the river and getting past the blockade of seals further down stream, we shall never know, but I wasn't caring by that stage I had what can only be described as an excellent day with a total of 42 Grayling, 2 trout & a Minnow in the net, and I gave up trying to remember how many lost but it was easily the same amount again.

I can honestly say the new reel is christened

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