Sunday, 20 November 2011

Holland & Wilkinson Rotoglide Review

Today was the 1st chance I've had to use the New reel so here is a bit of review on the reel in use.

Some people say that centre pins are only as good as the amount of time they spin for, I don't see it that way. This centre pin after I cleaned it and oiled it like I do with any new pin I get only spins for around a minute and fifteen seconds but that doesn't take anything away from this reel, The reel is extremely light and well constructed. I would say that it does have a bit of a bling look about it but that's the way centre pins seem to be going these days you only have to look around the market to see similar.

The reel I received was slightly different than the one advertised in the picture, My face was silver with a black spool I found the ratchet to be more kinder on the ear than some other more expensive reels and this one sounds more like a fly reel than a centre pin reel. The ratchet is easily engaged by turning a knarled button on the rear of the reel. I was using a 6BB float and it was peeling the line off the rear with no hesitation at all.

The Spool locking nut could be an issue when it eventually wears out as it is only a threaded screw with knarled head on it, it never budged today but over time it may loosen and you may find yourself looking for it one day when it unwinds and falls out.

The only other down side that I can really speak of was the openness of the real, and when I put the rod & reel down to snap a few fish, some grit got into the reel which I had to wash out. Over all opinion I'm more than satisfied with the reel, the wooden display box & neoprene reel pouch all for £90, which If you compare it with the very similar in design & build Okuma below priced at £200 you will see it was worth the £90 price tag, and I will continue to use if for years to come.

Value for money 10/10
Build & Durability 8/10
Overall Opinion 9/10

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