Sunday, 22 January 2012

Grayling, Grayling, Plop

Yes as you have probably guessed from the heading my camera went for a swim today, which doesn't do it much good. Started off this morning later than normal as being on duty engineer really messes with your rest time, anyway was on the river just after 11am and found it to be high and running dirty but just in the realms of fish able so set up and started trotting a float through and about 20 minutes later connected with my first fish of the day a very small fingerling Grayling. After continuing on in the same swim a slightly better Grayling took a liking for my bait. Nothing of any size but always nice to see so took a photograph and just as I was putting it back into my pocket as I've done loads of times I let it slip and in it goes...Plop.
After feeling around with my net as I was up to my waist in water I managed to scoop it up and empty it out of water. It still turns on but turns straight back off again so I dont think it will be taking many more pictures in the future. Anyway carried on fishing and managed a further 4 Grayling from the run and then it went quiet so moved down onto my next run and took a further 3 Grayling and 2 Brown Trout from there again nothing of any size. Was just about to start to move onto another new section of river when the Bat phone went off and I had to leave to go to a gas emergency but not bad for 2 hours on a rising river all be it I now need a new pocket camera.  Maybe I should buy a waterproof one.


  1. Always a problem isn't it George. Last time I tried so hard to save the camera I fell in arse first and got a dunking.

    What we need is a Discovery Channel camera crew to follow us around.

    Knowing my luck I'd blank that day!

    1. Very true Chris, I cant really complain though this is the first time I've done it so not too bad with my ratio: 37 years to 1 camera.


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