Sunday, 29 January 2012

Refurbished Rod meets The Ladies

The car thermometer went -2 when I arrived at the river to start my days fishing, which I was quite excited about being the first time using my newly refurbished rod. The river was lower than what I would have liked but it still had a peaty tinge to it which I like so set up and started off at the head of the pool. I so wanted the first fish to be a Grayling to christen the rod and the 5 minutes later it was.
Nothing big an average size Grayling for the river but nevertheless the rod was christened with a Grayling.

another few minutes trotting and a brown trout appeared so I had been lucky with my first capture, It might be silly but I like to christen new things with the fish I admire the most, the Grayling.
As the day went on the fish started coming thick and fast.

By lunchtime I had 19 Grayling and 1 trout

 After lunch I went back to the runs which had been producing the Grayling and was soon back amongst them again only this time around they were a better stamp of Grayling and the first fish out weighed 2lbs 10oz.

 shortly followed with some other better than average Grayling

It wasnt long till the trout started to make an appearance again
As the day drew on the trout and Grayling continued to come to the net
The skies were starting to get very dark and almost instantly a heavy hail storm came out of nowhere so with bait almost expended and 45 Grayling & 7 Brown Trout  all returned to fight another day we called it a day and made our way back home, a nice day with a lovely refurbished rod which took everything that was given to it.

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