Monday, 27 February 2012

Another Day with the Ladies

I had booked the day off work today to have a rest after yesterdays fishing but that wasnt to be, I still had bait left over & the the forecast for this morning was fine with rain in the afternoon so decided to get back out and have another few hours with the ladies.
The river was in fine fettle a bit lower than I normally like but looked really good and I didnt have to wait too long till I got my first of the day.

A few casts later and the next fish came to the net
I continued to catch a few smaller fish around the 10oz mark before the Brown Trout decided to muscle in on the proceedings and took 2 lovely coloured fish, nothing of great size but lovely condition & colour. I decided to move away from them and try another spot to see if we could temp a few more ladies before the rain started. A few casts into the new swim and another lady graced the net.

This time around no fish followed after that and after 30 minutes decided to move to another swim and again within 5 minutes another lady a better one this time graced the net.

A few smaller Grayling followed before getting another better fish.

and that was to be the last fish of the day as the skies opened & the heavy rain came on, all in all not a bad couple of hours ending with 10 Grayling and 2 trout.

A couple of Arty shots taken whilst having a brew before heading back to the car

 And that was a few hours fishing, certainly better than working, ah well back to the grind tomorrow, but what a cracking 2 days fishing.


  1. Nice fish George. Quite the ladies man lol. ;-)

    1. Thanks,I do like chasing the Ladies Chris :-)


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