Sunday, 4 March 2012

Scottish Ladies

I made the short trip North & met up with a couple of online friends who I have been chatting with on a fishing forum for a couple of years now and we eventually got around to organising a trip out. We had planned to fish a river which was predominately a Salmon river but only recently has it been recognised as producing big Grayling from it. We all met up on what can only be could a typical scottish march morning, rain and mist but that didnt dampen our spirits and soon we were on the river.

We had virtually all of the top beat to ourselves but because the river was low there was only a few deeper pools we suspected that were holding fish so we spread out along these pools and started fishing. It didnt take too long till I connected with my first Grayling a small fish of around 10oz.

 At least we now knew they were there and feeding which was a step in the right direction, and it wasnt too long till I was into a better fish
The rain by now was heavy & torrential so a retreat to the bothy and a brew and chat with some of the other anglers which we learned were not doing too well so at least I had fish on chatting to my other friends we had by this time 4 fish between us, things could only get better as the weather forecast was that the torrential rain would only last a couple of hours followed by sunny spells, sure enough the rain subsided and the fishing continued.

I connected with a few smaller fish all around the 10oz mark so it was steady sport. It was late in the afternoon when the sport finally began to pick up and bigger fish started coming to the net. I hooked and lost a couple of lovely big Grayling and watched my friend take 2 grayling well over the 2lbs mark. As we moved down through the pool I connnected with another lovely Grayling which took the scales to 2lbs 13oz.

we continued fishing on and a few smaller fish came to the net before my friend hooked and landed a big out of season brownie in mint condition before we finally called it a day and tallied up the catch for the catch report, 35 Grayling, 4 Salmon Par & a Brown trout, not bad for a wet and windy day on a scottish river, needless to say we will be back again.

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