Monday, 12 March 2012


As I clean down the Cane trotting rods and hang them up for another few months and oil up the centre pin reels and put them away in their boxes, store the trotting floats away for another season, I start to reflect on the season I look forward to the most with anticipation and the fish I respect the most, The lady of the stream, The Grayling (Thymallus thymallus).

  This season my first planned trip for her was back on October 16th 2011 where upon since then a lot of water has flowed down the rivers I fished & I ventured out a total of 19 fishing sessions looking for the ladies and captured 341 Grayling and released 341 Grayling ranging from:

The Very Small


To the Very Large

There has been 4 fish over 2lbs resulting in 4 personal bests for the species on the rivers I fished for them both in the North East & in Scotland, and finally culminating with a fish of exactly 3lbs breaking a 7 year wait since my last 3lbs fish and adding another personal best  for that river

There have been good days as well as disappointing days as there is never a bad days fishing, with the best day being on Dec 18th where I managed to land 49 Grayling and the not so good days of 14 & 17th Jan where only 1 Grayling managed to be tempted.

Along the way I’ve fished with old friends and new friends and when the weather has been cold and bleak the friendship has been warm and welcoming so if we have crossed paths this season I would like to thank you for all the good memories which now adorn my diary of this season.

Its now time to let the Ladies rest in peace & quiet and reproduce to allow the anglers of the future the pleasures I have experienced in my many years of sport with them but as a final thought to others if your planning on fishing for the Grayling then why not support the fish which gives you hours of pleasure by joining the Grayling Society

 Till we meet again Lady of the Stream.


  1. Hello my old friend and thank you, first for introducing me to barbel even if I did only catch the one that time, and also for inspiring me. Thanks to you I have now experienced that little guilty pleasure that comes from watching a float you have made yourself slide away.
    I beat that barbel just last year by the way on a river just outside Manchester and on a cane rod and pin! Apparently the same river also holds grayling but as of yet I havent had the pleasure of being the ladies dance partner. Looking forward to finally meeting her next season but for now im putting away the trotting reel and digging out an old speedia pin, time to fish some ponds for crucians ;)

  2. Hi Dave, Long-time no hear or see, I only set you in motion you did all the rest by yourself, am glad that you love fishing with Cane as I wouldn't have it any other way nowadays. Am sure the Grayling wont disappoint you and in the meantime tight lines for this year.
    All the very best


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