Sunday, 11 March 2012

2011 / 2012 Grayling Swansong

As the title says today was my 2011/2012 Grayling season swansong and ended on the river on which I had started it back in October last year.
On the short walk from the car to the river the Larks were singing, the sun was warm against my face and everything just seemed so alive. The river was low and coloured but I knew it would be like that as we have had no rain for most of the week.
I tackled up and started trotting down some runs which I knew would hold fish only to be left wondering after an hour with not even a single bite, and just as I was about to call it and move to another swim I hooked into a small Grayling. Nothing substantial but a fish never the less.

After which seemed an eternity but was probably only about 10 - 15 minutes we got our 2nd, a very much smaller fish but lovely to see and perfection in miniature

It was difficult that was for sure but it was also lovely at the same time to be stood up to my waist in the middle of the river with the sun warm on my face and watching a pair of kingfishers working the water near the bank and diving for minnows with great success.
No more fish was forthcoming from the swim so I moved down through the wood admiring the bunches of wild daffodils which had sprung up to replace the now wilting snowdrops.

I started fishing again in a new run and didn't have long to wait before the fish started biting again, this time it was the trout which had made an appearance..

a few trots down and the Grayling made another appearance and this was to be the last fish of the trip as the sun was really hot now and the best chances of any fish had all but gone

I think the larger fish which normally frequent this stretch had something else on their minds as everything seems to be early this year with the mild winter we have had so maybe its time to leave them to it and bow out gracefully but what a season its been, so a final farewell to the trotting rod and centre pins for the 2011 / 2012 Grayling season.

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