Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Water, New Club & Some Fish

After injuring myself last week I didn't think I would get a days fishing this weekend but after a couple of days in the house being extremely bored & not doing anything, I decided to pop a few pain killers and get myself onto the bank for a few hours today between the rain showers & I'm glad I did.

This was the 1st time I had fished this stretch of river as I have only joined the club this season so it was new water to explore. The club is a fly fishing only club so no bait would have been down the river in the Grayling season, so I was hoping for a good day on the fly. I arrived on the stretch which was looking in excellent condition after the last few days of rain and there was even some snow left on the tops after the heavy snow falls we had in the Dales midweek.

It didn't take long to connect with a fish but unfortunately like last weekend it was a Grayling not that I was complaining as its nice to know that they are here for later on in the year.

There was a nice hatch of what looked like LDO's on the water and the fish started rising for them frequently so a quick change over to the dries and the next fish was soon in the net, but again another Grayling, was I ever going to get a Brown trout to start my season off.

A short walk later brought me to a lovely piece of broken water and I just knew there had to be some trout lying in wait and sure enough 1st cast down and this years Brown Trout season had started for me.
A lovely brown trout with full tail and beautiful yellow markings, an excellent fish to start the season off.

It wasn't long till we were back in amongst the Trout and a couple of others came to the net.

Nothing big but again another trout with full tail and beautiful markings.

A Darker fish in comparison to the others

Finally another full tailed yellow bellied trout.

I dropped another 4 fish before finally calling it a day as the pain killers started wearing off but what beautiful scenery, beautiful fishing and I cant wait to see some proper foliage on the trees for the long warm nights after these lovely trout.

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