Sunday, 6 May 2012

Difference 2 weeks makes

Its been 2 weeks since I last was out fishing and what a difference,

I started off walking down through Primrose wood as I called it only to find it blooming in a colourful carpet of Blue bells and Primroses, a couple of deer were feeding as I approached the wood and off they went with their white tails bobbing up & down as they ran down through the thick firs and out of sight..

Over the wall the Cock Pheasant were making it clear that the were present with their loud calls, no doubt looking for the hens.

Everything seemed so colourful and alive even the Gorse in its bright yellow looked stunning in the morning sunlight, what a start to a days fishing.

The river was considerably lower that I've seen on this stretch before and I knew it was going to be tough finding the fish unless a hatch came on & the fish started rising, unfortunately that wasn't the case for the first 30 minutes as I sat looking for signs of movement on the surface.

Undeterred I started fishing with a set of very small nymphs and made my way down the river.

I never touched a fish all morning was this going to be a day of blanks?? It wasn't till after lunch that a hatch came on and fish started rising to the naturals and before long I had a small Grayling.

The rest of the afternoon carried on without anything more until I arrived at the last pool before heading back to the car where I lost a couple of brown trout which were feeding in the runs below the trees, Ah well it may not have been a day for the trout but it was certainly a lovely day to be out in the countryside and watching everything around the river, and the best part of it all....I never seen another human for the full day......Joy!

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