Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Right Time to Go Away

For the regular followers of my blog you will have noticed I haven't been out this week, which is highly unusual, mainly because my wife & I took the chance to get away for a break and go to warmer climates and by the look of things we did so at the right time, as these pictures show how high the Tees has been in the last 7 days...unbelievable amounts of water.

I know there is an island somewhere around here.

Fortunately the pools were less than full during my week

Normal fishing services will hopefully resume this weekend.......Weather Permitting of course!


  1. Don't blame you George, looks gorgeous (wherever that is...)

  2. Marrakesh in Morocco Chris

  3. very nice george looks a lovely place hope u enjoyed it
    right time to go away for sure the river is in spate although u missed some prime barbel time
    tight lines derek

  4. Derek, Still closed season down here for the Barbel, OK for you lot up there having no closed dates, hope you got out mate and made the most of it.


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