Monday, 4 June 2012

Old Acquantances

We decided late on last week that we would make the trip north & visit family and friends and I could get a couple of days fishing in on the river which I was born & bred, The River Avon a tributary of the River Clyde. The part I enjoy fishing the most is not fished much because of the Jungle warfare course you are required to complete before fishing but its worth the hassle if you want to get away from it and see parts of the river that only a few anglers ever see.

I made the trip down to the river and this was the first view I seen, a welcome sight after nearly a year of not being on the river, I felt instantly at home and at peace.

I was astounded at the amount of yellow sally's and Duns which were coming down the river it was a swarm and the best hatch I've seen on any river for several years, I made my way up river stopping and viewing the pools above for signs of rising fish but they were lacking.

After nearly 2 hours of fishing, stopping and observing I seen all of 3 fish rise which I covered and caught 2 of them which to be honest were only just bigger than the size of my index finger, things weren't looking good for fish today.

I always say a fish is a bonus and its the whole experience I cherish and to be honest I was just glad to be back on a river I know so well and miss so much.

 After nearly 5 hours and not seeing any signs of another human,  not even a shoe print in the sand apart from my own, I was finally rewarded with a better stamp of fish, before finally calling it a day an left the Avon to carry on its timeless meander downstream till it melts into the Clyde.

I arranged to meet up with a friend the next day for a chat which ended up in an 2 hours exploring / fishing on a very small stream close to his home which although running very low I was amazed at the depth of some of the pools. No fish were caught but it was nice to wade upstream and chat about how it could fish with some water in it.

Munro trying to tempt one of the rising fish from its lair without much success, I wont embarrass him and post the picture of him retrieving his fly from the tree on the very next cast.

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