Thursday, 12 July 2012

Odds & Sods, Bits & Bobs, Something from Nothing

With all the rain we have had recently the rivers have been up and down like a yo-yo, mainly up when I'm free to fish and mainly down when I'm working, so the float making has been more active than normal and with any hobby or craft you always accumulate a lot of off cuts and bits & pieces you hang onto but never ever use.
I like to try and make something out of the offcuts and earlier last week raided the jar and made up a few sticks which will either be given away to friends, or young anglers I meet on the river .
Something from nothing, a few sticks with off cut graphite stems and a few sticks with cane stems.


  1. Hi

    How do ytou get your black bands so neat?

    I've been making new, & refurbing old, floats & have done OK with the white & colour by dipping.

    But my black bands are rubbish. Is there a technique, tip, or wrinkle that you use to get such great results?



  2. Chris drop me an email, the link is on my blog & I'll help you out.

    1. Thanks George, much appreciated - I can't get the email link to work tho'.

      Bound to be me being useless - will keep trying.

  3. Chris send email to : george387@btinternet.com


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