Sunday, 22 July 2012

Photography & Trout

Today I had a game plan which I was hoping the weather wouldn't put ruin to. I really needed to update the blog picture as it was done as a spur of the moment thing when the wife thought of the name for it.
So after last weeks arty photography and some good feedback for it I set of this morning armed with a few floats in the bag to try & capture a more natural photograph for the blog. I succeeded as you can now see from the updated blog picture, that was the final choice of around 15 pictures.

another contender which just lost out was this one

Anyway achieving what I wanted the fishing again this week was again slow, the river was up on last week but after seeing the deluge it was midweek I'm not surprised, the river was still holding a lot of colour.


After an hour or so we hooked into the first decent fish of the day. Later in the day I managed to connect & release at long range another 5 trout, and I lost a really nice Grayling at the net, a stupid mistake which I wont bore you with the details of.

Another set of wading boots required before the next outing as I managed to rip the sole from one of them but I cannot complain they have been excellent boots and will definitely be replacing them like for like.


  1. And a fine photo it is too George!
    BTW, your floats are beautiful - almost makes me want to get the trotting rod out again.


  2. Thanks Matt, A bit of on-line tuition from a couple of guys works wonders, Thanks for the compliment about the floats always like to try & please, Trotting rod is still another 3 months in hibernation for me yet....lol


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