Saturday, 28 July 2012

TFG Force 8 Stalking Belt Review

Its not very often I do reviews but this bit of kit has been exceptional so far this season and to be honest I cannot fault it and costs under £20.

If like me you dont like carrying bags or rucksacks at the fishing but do like to cover long distances away from the car where a trip back to pick up a coffee or a sandwich is out the question then this is the ideal belt.

I purchased this belt after the one I bought in the US over 5 years ago finally gave up the ghost. I was a bit optimistic about it for the price they were asking although it is badged & sold under the banner of Matt Hayes & Total Fishing Gear. Its aimed more for the Roving Coarse angler but suits the needs of the Game angler adequately.

Its well constructed of lightweight cordura, all the pockets are doubled zipped with good plastic zips and para cord toggles attached and the belt has a heavy duty fastener, there are also few internal pockets within the main compartment.

  The belt for me is primarily used to carry a small 0.5litre flask which I like to take along with a couple of Sannies for lunch and all this fits into the main compartments leaving the 3 other zipped compartments available for anything I wish.
The belt sits nicely around my waist and the pockets slid around my lower back nicely out the way & also supporting my lower back when fishing so I dont suffer from many back aches as I used to when carrying everything in the back pocket of my waistcoat. It would be ideal for anyone not wanting t take a waistcoat or jacket and travel light in a shirt only, It would accommodate several fly boxes and spools of tippet materials easily as well as your lunch for the day.

Construction 10/10
Quality 10/10

The belt is sold from various outlets on-line, I purchased mine from Fishtec  which also sells another variant of it but for me this TFG Force 8 Stalking Belt is just the job for me and at under £20 cannot fault it. The belt I received is slightly different from the one in the picture immediately above, the zipper tags I would say are better than the ones shown.

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