Thursday, 19 July 2012

Potential Residence...maybe not

Whilst out & about today in the Dales with work I parked up next to this place for lunch, I've parked here a few times and always looked at the stream which runs down the side of the house...if you can still call it that.

I like to see the few small trout that inhabit the pool and they were there again today, just at that the farmer comes along on his quad with dog straddling the handlebars and we strike up a conversation, I was telling him about admiring the small trout in the stream and he says to me it can be yours for a couple of grand.....lol, I think it would need more than a couple of grand to put it right but if your in the market for a small house in the middle of the Dales with trout at your back door then this is the place.

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