Sunday, 15 July 2012

Trout...not today the ladies were in town.

As usual when I can get fishing on a sunday I'm up and away and today was no exception but as I got closer to my chosen destination the treetops were swaying some in the wind and it was a downstream wind to so not a good sign for upstream fishing.

The day started off very slow and only a couple of small Par took the flies, so time for a spot of arty photography.

After a break where the wind died down a bit a couple of  small Grayling took the flies before this beautiful Grayling took the flies which I can only describe was if the take was in slow motion, it was lovely to see the fish coming from nowhere and roll on the fly.

 the action died after that and managed to entice a couple of smaller trout on route back to the car, but today it was mainly about the ladies making the sport and very welcome it was too.


  1. Really nice floats and the photography is brilliant.

    You say they´re not for framing. I disagree, some of them are well worth it.

    For us in the river here it is all either ledgering or trolling. I really miss sitting quietly on a river bank waiting for that float to twitch.

  2. thanks Hippo, always nice to receive feedback from time to time, makes it all worth while.


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