Sunday, 26 August 2012


Was asked by a Scottish friend if I could make him up some bobbers like the ones he used to use as a boy as he was now taking his grand children fishing and wanted to show them that everything isn't all about plastic. He asked if they could be in a couple of sizes and colours, so after the fishing last night I managed to finish them of.

This should keep him going for a while.

Nice to see people who grew up fishing with bobbers for trout etc now passing it onto the grand children, I remember my 1st trout on a bobber with a worm, happy days indeed.


  1. They're really nice looking George, your pal's a lucky guy.

    Hope they catch plenty of fish and the grandkid's attention too. I'm teaching my nipper and a couple of others to fish - good kit makes a difference.

  2. Thanks, I do like to try & get them the best I can, Its nice to see some things being passed onto a new generation.


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