Saturday, 8 September 2012

Finally Contented.

It was with great anticipation that I finished work last night in the hope that the cane fly rod from Gary would be sitting waiting on my return home from work and as I walked in the door I knew it had arrived straight away as the wife had a big smile on her face so I knew it was there.
Dinner was forgotten about as I unwrapped the steel tube from its packaging and opened the end of the tube to finally see the rod I had waited 17 months for, it was finally in my hands & I was not disappointed.

Gary's workmanship on the rod is beyond words, I cannot praise the man enough for making such a wonderful piece of equipment, from a raw material as cane all the way through to what can only be described as a work of art. Something I will cherish for the remainder of my days.

I'm now contented that the memory of my parents will not only be with me in my heart & mind as always but that they will be remembered on the river wither it be trotting for Grayling using the centre pin or fly fishing for trout & Grayling an everlasting reminder to them both.


  1. Hi George

    Lovely looking rod, bet you cant wait to put a bend in it.

    Matt White

  2. Hi Matt,
    Am just hoping its going to be a nice Grayling, would really be chuffed if it was.

  3. Nice one George, what a lovely rod to find awaiting you when you walk through the door(the reels looks quite tasty n'all lol)... lets hope there's a bend in it soon m8 :).

    all the best


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