Monday, 10 September 2012

Stocking Up & Experimenting

Well that's almost exactly a month till I start my quest for this years Grayling and the one thing I was lacking last year especially on some of the bigger rivers such as the Annan was a heavier quill float for the deeper (10ft +) swims as a few of us learned last year that 4 out of 5 larger Grayling from the Annan last year came out of swims which were in excess of 10ft deep, where the current was quite fast paced on top but slower below.
I've been deciding for some time what to do with some parakeet tail feather I received from a friend who runs an aviary so will be turning a few into heavy balsa's, as always I like to experiment and this will be the test float to see how it performs on my first trip North back onto the Annan.

If you want to see the quality of the fishing on the Annan, then have a look here:


You cant get any better than Margaret's fish of 4lbs 1oz.

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