Sunday, 2 September 2012

Wets & Dries, In a different combination.

This was my weekend for Duty Engineer so couldn't go to where I wanted to fish due to no telephone signal so pretty much restricted where I went.
Went to a stretch where I knew I would have signal and sat on the bank early this morning watching for any signs of movement and after around 15 minutes of scanning the river seen some movement further down on the far side.

A few cast later and I had this wee guy out on the bank. Lost another couple of fish after this guy then the pool went dead so moved down the river and seen some movement which I suspected to be Grayling.

It was only yesterday that I was thinking of the Grayling again and the excitement they bring to my fishing and I was absolutely delighted when I took this guy on dry fly, it was as if slow motion set in when he took the fly, I seen him come up and suck the fly down and then turn away.

A lovely sized grayling over the 1lbs mark from the top, cant get any better than that.

After seeing the guy back to where he came from I seen another grayling sip a fly off the top so covered that and again she took it down, and this was the result another lovely Grayling taken on dry fly over the 1lbs mark, a lovely fish for where I was fishing.

It really couldn't get any better than the last two fish  and just as I was about to move down the swim...down I went........

Last week it was the camera that went for a drink, this week I went one better and took myself for a drink, Luckily everything that was temperamental to water, Camera, Phone, Car keys were all bagged up so wasn't too worried about them, but my knee was damn sore and I was soaked through.
Back to the shelter of the Big Oak which saved me from the onslaught of rain a few weeks ago this time it was to spread my gear out in the sun and dry out.

30 minutes in the sun and we were fishing again, covered another couple of fish but to no avail then the onslaught of the Bikers using the A684 to Hawes as a racetrack got the better of me and I was so fed up hearing motorcycles racing up and down the road I finally called it a day, So the use of wets & dry's were as ever bringing a bit of excitement to the fishing but the dries certainly were the better option than the wets.

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