Saturday, 1 September 2012

Nearly that time.

Well what can you say, that's summer now rushed past in a multitude of floods and its officially the Autumn, the time when I start to get a bit of excitement in my fishing again as its almost time to start fishing for that adorable lady the the stream (Thymallus thymallus)  The Grayling.

 In my eyes probably the last true wild fish in the river worth fishing for, and the fish that gives me the greatest pleasure.

It will soon be time to dust off the centre pin reels, take them from their dusty shelf where they have been sitting lined up & idle since the last time they had an outing for the ladies.
To start pulling the cane trotting rods from their dark tubes where they have been in summer hibernation, and to decide which floats are going to adorn the float tube for this years season.

This season I can only hope that it is as good as last season with several fish over 2lbs caught and one fish of 3lbs exactly breaking a 7 year wait since the last one to grace my net.

A new piece of equipment will be joining the quest for the Grayling this year, which is the Commemorative Cane Fly Rod in its final stages of construction being made by Gary Marshall which will join the Commemorative reel I had made a few season back in memory of my parents.

To anyone who loves fishing for the ladies with as much passion as I do & is not a member of the Grayling society, Please have a look at joining it and supporting the fish that gives you the greatest of pleasure, for the sake of a couple of pints of beer a year its making a difference it what people think and highlighting the plight of the Grayling.

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