Sunday, 21 October 2012

End of October or Mid Summer's Day

The weather today has been like a mid summers day up the Dale, as I drove up past Bolton Castle this morning the mist was just lifting above the top of the castle and it looked quite spectacular as if the curtain was lifting to reveal the beauty of the castle.
The river was running low and clear and when the sun got up proper it honestly felt as if it was the middle of summer instead of the end of October, and the Grayling seemed to share that thought as I never seen one for the full day it was all Out of Season trout that I managed to hook today, which were not in the greatest of condition so were instantly released without even hitting the net.

Walking down through the avenue

Started off heading to the bottom of the stretch as I had thought that the upstream approach would be better today in the clear low water, the colours as I walked down the bank through the avenue of trees were quite spectacular.

Autumn colours on a warm day

red's & gold's natures very own pallet.

 The dry flies were the call I made after I seen a small hatch appear as the sun hit the water and I honestly thought it was going to be a good day for the Grayling, a few casts and the first small trout appeared and decided it took a shining to my PWO, when I seen the condition of the fish it was not looking good at all, long & thin and looking as if it was in need of a decent feed, so it was quickly unhooked in the water and swam away to where it came from.

Fungi ring

Covered a few other fish and had a couple of pulls but nothing making the final connection until after an hour or so had passed and again another lean looking trout came to my hand and was released back, as I made my way back up the river past the ring of Fungi stretching out to the light below the big oak tree, a couple of Buzzards were circling overhead looking for some prey

Tucked under the overhanging oak I sat for a while and watched the world go by and it was just so nice to be out in the peace & quiet with some sun  high in the sky

Lunch Under the oak

It really was like a summers day and I'm so glad that I opted for the breathable chest waders today as I fear I would have been wetter on the inside than on the out if I had worm my neoprenes.
Another 2 trout followed before I finally called it a day and headed back down the Dale only to be engulfed in the thick fog as I got closer to home, nature calling the final curtain on the day and lowering the Dale back into her magical clutches
Fog  over the roof tops
No Grayling obliging today and who can blame them they must have thought it was the summer again, a few trout to reward my efforts but really I was just happy wandering the river and looking at nature in all her fine glory, on such a lovely day.


  1. Nice blog and stunning photos, only wished I had got out and wetted a line but for er in door's

  2. Thanks Anonymous...lol, whoever you are


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